The use of Electra in rust

With the use of electronic components in rust, you can go many new ways. Base designs are growing like pumpkins from the ground while you are stuck with a silly starters base. Here, we explain what you can do with the Electra and what the use of it can be. Be aware, We still need to learn more designs, so we don’t have all kinds of designs and ways of Electra use in rust. When we know more, we will update this page section. If you have an awesome design that you would love to show us, let us know!

Electra? eh?

Electra is a new way on rust to improve your base for being raided or for many other things as lighting or powering up the sam site. Electra is going to be an essential need in the future as more updates will be rolling out on it.  You need it, as it might save your base during your nap/school time.

Here, we are explaining what you can do with Electra in rust and how to use it for your own advantage!

More updates on Electra? ain't this confused already?

Yes, even for me it’s every a normal day, learning more and more about how to use the Electra, we all need it and you as well. Even for just some simple lights during nighttime or on how to set up a sam site.

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Emailing, using camera’s to explore the outside before going on a scrap hunt, sending ”job” applies and even selling your earned ”stolen” loot.

Sounds great, what's the catch in all this?

Mostly every item costs high qual. Not much, but it’s quite a lot once you have planned for a whole base lighting. One large battery is 50 high-quality metal already and you can only use approx 30 lights on it before you have to add another large battery. ( 100 HQ already, and then we haven’t started on the needed tools yet )

The tutorials here will help you out in the best way!