Huge DDOS – Rustorica PvE Server unstable

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | January 18, 2020

Good morning everyone.

Recently, our server got crashed again during a massive DDOS attack. This is the 3rd time in a row and sadly enough, we are one of the targeted IPs. We are not able to edit the server nor work on it to update the plugins that need to be updated.

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For those that are online on the server, please keep a hold on buying items, selling items and starting hacking crates. It might start to lag everyone out of the game as a result of the ongoing DDOS and the targeted IP addresses are nulled to prevent any more downtime.  Once everything is clear, we will be updating the needed plugins.

About the event we had planned for tomorrow, we dont know if we would be able to start up the event but we haven’t announced it either, as we wanted to do this as a surprise for those that are online at that moment. For now, it doenst seems like we would be able to do the event but if we would be able to do it, then we will let you know about it. Once that’s done, we will do another mass patrol event for those that are have missed it last week.



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