Hydroneer – A gold farming simulator game

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Hydroneer – A gold farming simulator game

Before I’m going to start with the review, this will be my last review for now on gaminghq. Soon, we will be merging over towards our new website and this will take a bit of time. For those coming all the way from google towards this review, welcome to the gaminghq community, my name is noize and this is the hydroneer review.

The game

First of all, let me say first that this game is made by a single person. He has done some incredible work on his own and its a game that you don’t see often. This review will be handled as a completely fully running released game, or better known as an RFRG rule, that where criticism doesn’t mean we don’t like it. Its to learn from it. Also, please take this review with a tiny bit of salt. The game does have its minor issues and some options in the game should be improved.

It’s an addictive game, that’s something I can chuck away right here, right now. This game is lit, you can make your own industrial with a bit of base building, having some furniture, and let the visitors come.. even its not possible, it would be wicked to play this with a few friends online.

The game doesn’t cost you much and it’s a perfect time breaker during your classes. The game itself is simple. You mine gold, melt it and make it into a ring or who knows you have found loads of metal and want to make some weapons and gear? Well. You can do that and besides hunting for 4 different kinds of items for a treasure chest is it quite everything for now.

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There isn’t much else to do than doing some objectives for a thick light crystal, but that all gets made up pretty good with the conveyer belt system. The gold and metal poured in so fast, that they get stuck in the weirdest places. I love the way people are able to build up their own facilities. Its something you don’t see often when it comes to mining, PvE, and roleplay. This game does have some minor issues but besides a few memory leaks here and there, its a slick game, and its worth every penny.

Something that’s nice, but it starts to be annoying – The stores

When you need your mining goodies, you are going to the store. So many options to choose from. Time to drag that money across the map and start buying some near items. Don’t even begin buying a pallet, its a waste of time, and a car will make it easier anyways. Everything you buy has to be coming towards your grounds where you have the mine running or what to have a mine running there and that people, that’s a pain.

Our installation had approximately 450 items on it. It doesn’t seem to be much, but its already a thick 10 times drive to load up and unload it on the location. That itself toke us 6 Hours, so prepare to spend some time on it to make yourself a neat base location with a hella lot of worthy golden nuggets.

Several tips and tricks when playing hydroneer

When you are playing hydroneer, please for the love of God and the love of your hardware…. keep an eye on this. Some issues might result in huge FPS drops and you won’t want that.

  • When you have 3 mine nodes of each 5 miners with 3 cleaners, make sure you put the cleaners a bit away from each other. This saves you from getting into the hot boiling gold to fish out the dirt.
  • If you poured in metal in an oven, do not add bars in it that don’t belong there. You will lose it. ( we lost a 450.000 dollar worth of gold bar due to this glitch )
  • If stones and gold nuggets are getting stuck, remove them on time. Forgetting it could result in a huge FPS drop once you unstuck it. ( I was staring at the screen for 10 min with 1 FPS. )
  • Make sure you spread the miners. Close together causes frame drops and the sound makes you nuts.
  • Use 3 grinders to chop op the dirt into tiny pieces. The smaller it is, the more value there is coming from.
  • Lower grounds contains bigger nuggets



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