Jagex rigged “Treasure hunter” – Purple diamond gone missing

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The Treasure event on the game called Runescape is tempered with. Do not buy keys and spend them on the event that’s ongoing now as it will be a big hand full of coins you throw away for nothing. But, first of all, what the actual F is a Treasure Hunter event?

Treasure Hunter is a daily activity where players use keys to unlock chests in order to win prizes. It was released on 4 February 2014 where it replaced its predecessor, Squeal of Fortune.

Players receive a certain amount of keys every day and may obtain more through other methods such as purchasing them or performing certain in-game activities. Each key unlocks a chest that rewards the player with a random prize where each prize has a varying degree of rarity. in 90% of the cases, it would be some extra double XP or even a nifty extra cosmetic item.

The release of Treasure Hunter saw the removal of Yelps and the addition of a new figurehead for the activity: a princess named Alice. These keys can be obtained in the same way spins were. Any unused spins or unclaimed prizes were turned into keys. Rewards from the Treasure Hunter have been rebalanced to be more relevant to player’s skill levels.

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But, when it comes to the purple diamond that you can win, the changes are 9% during normal Treasure hunter events. But, with other events, the change it drops is lowered towards a 0.1%

From 9 towards a 0.1% chance is a lot. I basically would have to spend 75 euro in order to obtain a purple diamond while with other events the chances are higher. 3 weeks ago, we had 6 purple diamonds and that month before 3, that month before 4 and that list can keep on going. you can clearly see that Runescape is scamming you when it comes to Treasure Hunter.

Please, save your money and wait a few days especially because Double XP weekend is coming back once again!



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