Loot crates – New locations – Deadside

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  • Deadside server released
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Good afternoon folks, today we have updated our interactive map for the deadside server. Today, we have added another 10+ locations just for you to find them. Make sure you uncheck all the others to see them all located on the map. It comes to an actually surprise that there is still a lot to be found, and that once the full map would be released, that it would be a complete madness finding all the locations.

But, we can do this. We are strong enough to survive! It’s not for nothing the government has let us all alone on that landscape. They left us for a reason and let hired mercenaries and elites to search down the leftover villages and sweep anything that’s inside of it. Even cannibalism has been reported, limbs are being found in the bushes, and reports of missing people are rising by the day.

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Watch your back, keep your friends close, and stay frosty!


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