Mafia city – An Android mobile game [review]

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Mafia city – An Android mobile game made by the developers YottaGames creates an online world for you to enjoy the good life of being a true gangster.

Many of you might already have play certain games before, like Farmville or Cityville, then this game might be something you would be looking for as well. The game is a click-based game that gives you the ability to prove certain actions to upgrade your mansion as well for your counterfeit money and stolen goods. Earn respect, join a clan and start a massive gang war between each other.

As many games are doing their best to provide premium gameplay, these boys from Yotta games take it to a whole new level with their own system. With earning ”fast badges”, you would be able to provide your own buildings with a faster build tick rate then you had before. For a 5 min badge, your building time will be reduced with 5 min of building time so if you would have a decent amount of time to finish your buildings, make sure you keep them behind when you would need the most.

As many reviews on the web are explaining that no money is needed for this game, they have it quite wrong. For every single option, there is a paid future and with daily rewards, the beginning is good, but when you want to have more, you have to pay. V.I.P days needed? pay pay. In need of tokens, chips, money, goods, diamonds, roses and many more options and premium futures that costs money.  Something we just don’t like.

When we joined the game, we already got flooded with people who wanted me to be a part of their ”clan”, its good to see that they want to support new players, but the strange part of all, the community always reply with the same line of texts, so we have even doubts if they would be real players or actually hackers that use the clan system in their game in a separate way that its intended for.

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The sad part, the game introduces next level rewards with a gambling sound, flying money and a cheap sexual woman on the background cheering for you. buying roses, just to ”date” a babe. I wonder what would happen when we would fully reach our ”goal” with her.

As some websites also announce ”free gold” or ”free money” hacks or cheats. We suggest not to fall for these tricks as it may be fake. This could be also full extermination of your account on Yotta games their database. Even the use of cracked versions is not advised.

As of for that, we wanted to keep playing a bit more to provide you more intel about this game, but being stalked every 2 min of the game on your mobile is a bit too much of  ”cry for attention, we need money from you and quick” sessions so we decided to delete the game from our android but it gives us a clear view of how some games might be going into the future. Let’s hope we will have a better game to review next time!



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