Magic pumpkins, low grade and lost items – Rust issues/bugs

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 7, 2020

Be aware people, Recently FacePunch had released their last update depending on Rust. This, however, didn’t come seamless and there is always a small issue or hiccup ongoing that would catch your eye. Please keep in mind that FacePunch will fix this as fast as possible and I presume that this update will be coming later of today.

For those that doenst know whats going on at the moment, recent reports saying that pumpkins disappear once eating them while swimming, Does lowgrade still disappear in the miner’s helmet and items in your Tool cupboard might not end up there but gone. just gone. This and also…

  • SAM sites range is broken, it shoots the same as turrets
  • The low grade gets missing
  • Items inside Cupboard might disappear
  • Plants might not grow at all.
  • Turret sounds are overpowered.
  • Items may fall through the map if chucked it on your foundation.


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