Map expansion incoming?!?! – Deadside Beta

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Good morning folks, Noize here with today’s information about a possible upcoming map expansion for the game Deadside Beta. This map extension was intended to be live during the update of 0.1.7, but got “derailed” a little bit and there is still more work to be done to make it all work.

When it comes to mapping, I know a lot of it. something like that takes time to develop a proper terrain. Having just a weird flat surface would not make it a game, it would be just a random field with a few puppets on it. No, trees, bushes, houses.. they all have to be build and placed correctly, making it perfect for the game itself. As long as time is been consumed for it.

Sadly, a lot of users who are playing deadside doesn’t know this. They just screaming like 5-year-olds knowing the real deal, that buying assets and placing them in the game is good to go. Not that there is a huge TOS when using the unreal engine. Flipping assets, using bought ones and such is not something you can just add to the game like its nothing.

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I’m wondering what we would be getting in the next update of Deadside, a map expansion would be purrfect.

For those willing to be knowing more, join our discord! We even have 2 awesome game servers for deadside that you can join! Join today!


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