Mass purge event – tonight on Rustorica PvE

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  • Deadside server released
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It is getting mentally crazy tonight! As of 20:00 tonight, we will be providing the whole server of ammo, guns, and explosives to start raiding all bases and burning them towards the ground. Everyone is able to use guns that they mostly love to use during their raid sessions. Once the clock sits at 22:00 tonight, we will PRE wipe the server to remove some plugins and adding new once’s to provide the gameplay more simple but yet more effective for those that love to play and having some fun on the PvE server.

One of these plugins is going to change everything. We will be bringing in Z levels Remastered, an XP earning system that’s been updated to its latest version and include’s with more new upcoming updates, tweaks, and improvements. The max level is 200, but we will tweak the system so that there aren’t loads of resources incoming after a certain level.

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The XP loss formula was rewritten, so now you lose the percentage of your current level XP instead of some fixed amount if you are level 10 and have 80% exp, and you should lose 60% exp on death, that means you’ll be level 10 and 20% experience. Every hour spent alive, you’ll lose less experience when killed. For example, if we would set XPPercentToLoose to 100%, after 5 hours you’ll only lose 50% instead of 100%, hours count even when you are offline. There is also 10 mins grace period, that when you die within the first 10 mins you don’t lose any experience.

No worries about losing Blueprints, as suggested we will not wipe the blueprints this month during the wipe session.


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