Mee6 premium – Is it worth it? – Discord bot review

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Is it worth it to buy mee6 premium or is it money being flushed down to the drain? Well, today we are going to talk about mee6 its premium services. Before we start, if you would love to see more of these kinds of reviews, please join us on discord and keep an eye out on our social media!

Mee6 is known for its great services when it comes to auto roles, searching memes or images till moderation, and a level system. Back in the days, everything went smooth without too many issues. Sadly, due to recent changes in API and everything, they had to evolve as well. Buying their premium services could be one of the options for you to do. Would you do it? We would say NO. Do NOT buy mee6 premium.

The reason is that most options are now set as a payment option, giving mee6 more limitations as a free user to push users towards a paid program. 24/7 music bot doesn’t work, as the player crashes or dies 4 times a day due to lack of proper coding.

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Back in the days, you would have the ability to set up a whole XP system for your members. But, without notice, they changed it and besides 1 free level, does everything else being stuck behind a paywall. They changed your contract without notice and that’s not allowed and its against the law.

mee6 does have a few hundreds of active users, but it doesn’t mean that they just hope that everything goes as planned. For example, while writing this topic, the bot itself died already again, not being able to play its music again.

In conclusion, don’t buy premium but spend the money on a coder that would make it for you. You, however, can also code one yourself and launch it with Heroku for example.


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