Microsoft pulls plug on mixer, moving to Facebook.

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From out of nowhere, Microsoft has announced that it is pulling the plugs on the well-known Mixer streaming services, Less then a year ago, ninja from twitch came over to mixer for an enormous deal, wondering how he would be ending up now with this news from nowhere. Who knows ninja goes back to twitch.

Phil Spencer, the head and brains of Xbox at Microsoft, said the decision came down to the lacking growth of potential streamers and that you rather see an increase in their software usage. It’s sad to see something go really Quik, but is this not related to the first drama they had? It seems clearly that Microsoft still didn’t learn sack of their past experiences. I mean, we all know back in the days with GTA4 due to the Games for Windows Live (GFWL) platform, which it says Microsoft is “no longer supporting.” Although people who already own the game on Steam can continue to play it.

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but, back on topic.

It is sad to see the mixer streaming program closing its doors. Especially when there was going to be more content for mixer itself. A lot of plugins from WordPress for example. All useless now as of the closing platform. Would we even see it back? We don’t know. Mixer has a lot of fast track buttons inside a few games as well, wondering how that would end up.


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