Minor issues – Deadside Beta – 0.1.8 [patch released –]

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Good morning survivors, Noize here with today’s information.. Deadside 0.1.8. As the devs recently released the new update, does it contain a few minor issues. But, before we are going to talk about that, please if you haven’t joined our discord, do it today! Together, we play along on the servers and having some epic time together.

First of all, we want to thank everyone that joined the Deadside server. We were full! That’s right, we had our game server full of active players. A few deaths are already fallen. But, that’s the game.

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There are some small ongoing issues. We have described them under here.

  • A slight chance you may crash during respawning
  • A slight chance you may crash during ADS while running.
  • It’s possible you lose your inventory on server restart
  • Airdrops don’t always contain thick loot, but only weapons
  • Sawmill mission crates might despawn to fast
  • Sometimes, you cant sell your ammo, dog tags, or other items. ( killing yourself and respawn seems to be resolving this for now )


During typing of this message, a hotfix has been released. Patch

During typing the blogpost, a hotfix was released. Please update your client!

  • – The new shooting system was incorrectly detecting body parts and their armor
  • – Client crash when looting a corpse
  • – Client crash after death
  • – Client crash after inviting to a squad
  • – Rare client crash when closing inventory
  • – Rare client crash when opening the in-game menu
  • – New equipment was not added into the server admin panel
  • – Barrett wrong tactical light placement
  • – Airdrop outside the map bounds



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