Must read – Community Game Servers moving to new system

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | July 29, 2020

This is a must-read for all our community members as its very important to know about. Recently, we had released the DayZ server back from the dead with just a few mods to the list in order to create a wicked game server for those that wanted to play some nifty dayz. Sadly, due to a weird reason, the game server wasn’t able to handle this. Results came over that our rust servers have gone spiking whenever people would be joining our dayz server, causing everything to lag out and crash.

Sadly, we had to take down the DayZ server as it was a right choice for it as well. The reason is that flying gyrocopters was a true pain and the rubberband sessions were back. After we turned the dayz server back offline, the problems resolved.

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The reason why this happened is because of the fact that our rust servers have been increased in RAM usage, making it impossible to proper host game servers as I would have been able to host 5 game servers without any problems but the problems would already start when the 3rd server is released. Of the increased RAM, the modular car update has done its job, asking a whopping 15% – 20% extra of resources in order to keep on running.

as because of that, we decided to ask for a server upgrade and it got accepted. This means that the servers will go down somewhere next week and will remain down for approximately 4 hours in order to migrate everything towards the new host without losing your data, progress, and so on. This update will be performed next week, an exact date is still to be released, but we will update this post once we know more about that.


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