MW2 remastered – Multiplayer files found. Could it be?!?!

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When the latest release of call of duty modern warfare is released, it was a great success. The new addon of the game warzone made the picture complete once again. But.. what if it could be even more perfect then it is now? There are some Widespread rumors ongoing surrounding a remaster for the popular Modern Warfare 2 were common, as it was intended to be launched in 2018 but ended up to be on the market since March 30 this year, Activision launched MW2 Campaign Remastered for PlayStation, followed by the launch of the game for PC and Xbox on the April 30 at that next month.

After since then, the Call of duty fanbase has called for the addition of an MW2 remastered multiplayer as well. However, popular CoD leaker, TheGamingRevolution, has an update on this issue. The famous leaker found out that the incoming download size for the call of duty MW2 campaign was 65GB on PC, which is way too big for just being a remastered campaign. There had to be more. According to him, the developers accidentally left information related to the multiplayer they were working on within the files of the game. Some of these found files in the game included terms like “continue to multiplayer,” custom classes, leaderboards, prestige, XP progression, new camos such as gold, diamond, dark matter, killstreaks.. you name it.

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Now, we don’t know for sure if this would be coming true despite that the YouTuber has it always in most cases on the right end. If it does, it would be wicked. A childhood dream coming back live once again. I don’t even know what to play anymore if this would be the case of an upcoming multiplayer version of modern warfare 2.



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