New added monument in mantonia

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We have added a new monument in our mantonia map! There are 2 entrances that will provide an endless route of cave walkways and puzzles. These caves are a part of certain upcoming quests that you will have to deal with. These quests will be farming quests or searching for certain items in crates that spawn.

As its a huge game with many hours of work, creating an own map with rustedit brings the whole logic to mapping all the way to the next level. The editor doenst load in any trees, FX, grass, snow, moving objects or small objects found near the road. This gives the loading time of the editor to a lauching 10 seconds before the program is active. Even the black ops 3 editor radiant takes over 9 min to load when you only created some mapping already.

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Anyways, as i spoke last week of waiting for mapping after the next community update, but as I have seen, for now, it’s just going to be a monument unless some special event would be added with it. The rumors are saying that a hackable crate will be spawning there and that also heavy NPC will be coming out of their ”house” ”office” or ”chinook”

We don’t know if it would be true, but if it does and it’s going to be happen something like that, it means that it’s going to be more epic then ever before!


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