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Today, we have added a new plugin to the server. This plugin is called Bounty hunter as is to be used as follows.

You are walking down the streets, gathering your resources. A wild group of speedy mental drivers comes around the corner and * SPLASH * Your head is on the front of the windshield. It is time to take revenge and the whole server can join!

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Apply a Bounty on the person that killed you with Items or Ingame Reward currency. A global message is sent towards every user, providing them the information of a new bounty to be hunted. The first person that shoots down the bounty obtains the rewards! Battle your way up and stay on top to be the ultimate bounty hunter!

Chat Commands

  • /bounty — Display the Bounty help menu
  • /bounty add items <player name or ID> — Place a bounty on a player by using items deposited into the box
  • /bounty add rp <player name or ID> <amount> — Place a bounty on a player by using RP from server rewards
  • /bounty add eco <player name or ID> <amount> — Place a bounty on a player by using money from economics ( coming soon! )
  • /bounty cancel <player name or ID> — Cancel a pending bounty you have on the target player
  • /bounty view <player name or ID> — Display outstanding bounties on the target player
  • /bounty claim — Claim rewards for your bounty kills
  • /bounty top — Display the top 10 bounty hunters
  • /bounty wanted — Display the top 10 most wanted players based on how long they have had bounties


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