New DLC map: Livonia DayZ

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New DLC map: Livonia DayZ  The days are ticking and its coming closer each more day, the new release of Livonia is just around the corner and we have collected some worthful information depending on the new upcoming map. If you haven’t seen the new map yet, we have placed a link towards the youtube channel on discord depending on this new map release. As everyone is wondering, what’s going to be added into the game and what has left aside once again?

well, many answers and many questions are the full reason why we have been digging into new information depending on the new upcoming DLC map for DayZ. This information that we have collected is most likely from YouTubers, so we are not fully aware of some of the new updates that would eventually end up in the game. If you know some information about the new upcoming map, let us know. Even if you have proof that one of the added ”updates” could be a hoax.

The new Livonia map for DayZ brings back the feeling of being lost all over again, even the most experienced survivors that are aware of the most ways of survival may need to re-innovate in order to remain alive and not to fall towards sudden death.

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To survive, you must start hunting for your food as there aren’t many foods to be found on the map. This gives the animals more of an option to be used for your daily foods. Behind its wonderful landscape, Livonia’s late-summer climate can become hostile with heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, and low temperatures, forcing players to take shelter with enough supplies to wait it out. We all know, that these storms might take a while so prepaire to set up camp if needed.

What has been added to the game so far?

  • Gun Added: Vaiga Shotgun with attachments
  • Gun Added: Blaze rifle
  • Gun Added: BK-43 with sawed-off version
  • Gun Added: Kolt 1911 with the beloved magazine
  • Mags Added: Magazine variants for existing weapons (drum mags, high capacity mags, etc.)
  • Animal Added: Bear
  • Function Added: Fishing
  • New Added: Item attachments can now be damaged
  • New Added: Ability to harvest sticks from bushes with bare hands
  • New Added: Ability to break long-sticks into small sticks with bare hands
  • Added: Cars have now a chance to spawn with a certain amount of fuel
  • Added: Distinguished color when swapping in the inventory where the target item will have a different location than the source item
  • Added: Throwing in crouched and prone stance
  • Added: Items are spawning in greenhouses
  • Added: Ejecting rounds from firearms
  • GUI/HUD Tweak: GUI visualization of reserved attachments
  • Added: more wooden logs from trees ( reddit leak )
  • Added: more backpacks ( reddit leak )
  • Tweaks: Prefab buildings police station, fire department, hospital and schools ( reddit leak )


Once the map is released, we will be updating the server with the new upcoming map! Enjoy DayZ and thank you for playing on our servers!






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