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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | September 15, 2020

Good afternoon folks. Today, we want to announce that we have added Economics into the game. This together with rust rewards, giving you yet another option to earn a bit on the side for those nifty rewards. As for that, we have made it possible for you to earn cash while being active in the game.

Search for crates, barrels, or hunt down some AI’s to top up that cash of yours! But, keep in mind. You might also lose cash! A PVP kill for example would yoink the user some cash from your pockets into theirs. Apply that nifty cash on a bounty if needed or use it to spend it in the rewards store for some nifty RP’s.

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In the need of the big cash rewards? Next week, we will be implementing a few new quests that provide you with a neat cashflow, but the objective will be harsh and challenging!


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