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Good afternoon everyone. We hope you have a great day ahead! For today, we have something great to share with you! We have released a new page on our community website. We want to introduce you to Gaming Guides. Gaming Guides is a place on our website where you will be able to find back the latest Guides about the games we play. These guides can come in handy perfectly for new beginning players, but even for experts, it’s worth the shot to check it out.

As we started with our Wikia in the past, we noticed that the Wikia pages had a big lack of proper reading. This way to big, that was unreadable. Changes in the theme chance we did weren’t revertable and because we want to have everything properly readable, we wanted to do it well. that’s why we decided to drop the Wikia part and rewrote every single guide we had there in our Wikia section.

To startup, we released a few Guide’s about the game rust into our Database and more guides will follow. We have added great guides that will help you start surviving the game. From Gathering scrap, HQM metal till the hard Power and electricity systems. We hope that you will like them as we liked to write them for you. Feel free to contact us in case if there would be any issues or ask for help on the discord.


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