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Today, we have introduced a new plugin to the server. Sign artist! This plugin allows you to upload JPG images on signs that have been placed by you. Keep in mind that if you upload any images to the signs, that the images are not going against our terms and agreement in any way. The team monitors any uploads and removes signs that should not be placed online. If a breach would occur, all images will be wiped and that means that everyone has to redo their own signs.

Causing this will be enough reasons to kick you from the server. We don’t tolerate trolls and rotten apples on the server. Simple. This plugin can give you idea’s to upload certain images, but we rather keep it simple for now and neutral at all costs. The command to use an image on a sign is as follow

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  1. Step close towards a sign that you want to alter with the image you want ingame.
  2. Use /sil in the chat and paste the link behind the command. For example /sil <url>
  3. Done, no step 3 needed.

Everyone has the option to upload images on their signs as long its

  • Under 1MBits.
  • No nude.
  • Nothing related to WW2, WW1, or other tragic/historical accidents.
  • No racist slurs or other weird expressions.
  • No political uploads.
  • Max 5 images each user for now.
  • No Advertisements – Gamble sites and other communities are forbidden and result in a perm IP ban and a Flag at RustAdmin. no questions asked. Tired of these toxic players.

Feel free to come up with more suggestions for the server. Keep in mind that not every plugin will be eventually added to the game.


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