Next gen games – 70 bucks for a new game instead of 60 bucks

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Breaking news in the online world of gaming. 2K Games just recently announced that their game release NBA 2K21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X will cost $10 bucks more than its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, meaning that the standard version of the game on next-gen consoles will be $70 bucks instead of 60 bucks in the past. While this is like a huge price raise from the company itself, does it looks like other game publishers are also considering raising their Xbox Series X and PS5 game prices to $70 in order to compete against each other.

2K Games is going to be one of the first publishers to commit to next-gen game pricing but, research company IDG revealed that other publishers are also considering raising the base price of PS5 and Xbox Series X games to $70 – a $10 increase over current game pricing. The last time a price raise happened was back in 2006, where the new consoles were presented for PS3 and the Xbox itself. Games went from 50 bucks to 60 bucks for a new game.

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The reason we think why they increased the amount of money for a game is due to the fact of the next-gen consoles. This hardware inside does cost a lot as well to be built so presuming that this would be the case. Other options would be related to the COVID outbreak, as almost every company was being forced to set on hold when it came to the COVID outbreak.


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