Night of The dead – Survival strikes again

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Good morning folks. Noize here with a special announcement to make. Yesterday, we have been playing a new game with the R.O.D.E Foundation. This time, we have been playing night of the dead. You know, those flesh-eating zombies hunting for your brain kind of game. As we have been playing for quite some time, we have found some minor tiny issues that should be resolved. nothing big.

I mean, if you love tower defense games and chopping zombies their heads of, then yes. This game would be perfect for you. If you want to know more, make sure you check out Scott’s live stream from yesterday! A whopping 5H + worth of content for you to watch. Presume that somewhere next week, I have recreated it into an awesome recap again.

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We must say, it is a harsh environment. If it ain’t for the zombies that eat you alive, it would be the wolves, bears, or other dangerous animals that you might find.



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