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When the update hits of Rust and its new driveable cars looking like a cheap mock off from mad max, a lot of plugins will not be working anymore. There are huge changes coming when it comes to actually modding as well. We will be explaining to them all to you why we are not able to get a new map release this month. This update however will also affect the modded PvP server, but the 100% vanilla server is good to go.

The reason why plugins are high likely not working yet after the update is that new hooks will be added, a lot of names that will be changed, the same as for definitions, naming, itemID’s and so on. Even our hardcore PvE server with limited loot has a big bad side incoming. All the loot will have to be refreshed, names rewritten and codes have to be reorganized.

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Keep in mind, that the plugins we use might be not working, it doesn’t mean that all mods won’t work after this update, some plugins just needs its patches in order to properly work. Even safe zones are reworked, a new prefab is added for mappers and there are lots and lots of new parts that’s going to be added.

All loot tables would be messed up, meaning we have to redo it all. That’s why we said that we will keep hold and wait for after the release for the new map structure to build on that. In fact, its good to mention that we will not create complete custom maps anymore. We will only add content to maps that are already pre-generated to make it more smooth and faster. Who knows, we will be able to upload the first beta release a week after the release, but we have to find a way to do that without affecting your gameplay and that’s a challenge.




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