Ongoing issues with rustedit – invisible prefabs, items and broken buildings

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There are some bad ongoing issues with the rustedit program that we are using for our online mapping. Recently, the game rust has been updated to a newer version and made a huge amount of fixes depending on the puzzle bypasses but most importantly, its performance. With a slight amount of lag, are we able to play the game better more often without the lag we had in the past.

But, where drama is, will always be drama. Recently, this update of rust broke the whole editor of rustedit. We aren’t able to place buildings we premade in a proper way, as items are not being shown, missing, or just not working anymore. We lost for ourselves a thick 200 self-made prefabs that we used for our mappings and that sucks after a year full of mapping.

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While we are waiting that the editor is going to be fixed, we have to rely on our guts when it comes to custom mapping with puzzles and power connections, as they could not work at all even if you would have it right or not. Even then, it’s still hard for us to map it properly without problems as monuments keep missing items. We keep on going with reloading our prefabs from time to time in order to see a few of our buildings in the hope that we place them correctly.

So, we really hope that we are able to push this new upcoming map the next wipe, but as the days are getting lower and the update is coming closer, we don’t know if we would be able to finish the map in time. if not, we will still upload the map, but it could be not working as intended.


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