Ordering a Kotion EACH gaming headset? Avoid sellers like Sunbird!

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A few weeks ago, i started to get a huge pain in my right ear as my headset i bought last time didn’t feel good and it’s lacking in size. As the headphone is sitting lose on my head, my ear got infected and started to swell up.

As we wanted to buy new headphones, I thought, let me buy the same version I had in the past. That headphone cost me 30 bucks. A 5.1 headset with some decent sound in it. A kotion Headset that i have in my hands here now is almost the same, but not a 5.1 surround with extra bass and ultra feeling. Just a crappy cheap mock off version of the real Kotion EACH.

As we don’t like to be scammed ( who else doesn’t like that ) did we refunded our headphones, but an email from Sunbird made this drama even worse. They stated that we are not scammed and that we should pay back the money we spend on it. Why would we be spending money on an object that’s not the right object as shown on the website? I mean, the whole package itself is already not even blue, but black and there is 0 information on what kind of version the headphone would be.

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They showing a 5.1 headset on the sales page, not the stereo/mono microphone with a bit of blue shitty lights. It’s sad to see people being scammed so fast, and that from a huge company such as bol.com

So, if you see a seller with the name Sunbird, Avoid the seller at all costs. They just talk trash and don’t know about handling a customer issue.



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