overgear – Scam alert!

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OVergear is an online website where you are having the ability to buy yourself some boosts from other players, acting like they want to help out but eventually turning all TOS of the game against their own. making users account being banned that actually had paid for something. Boosters… Boosters are everywhere nowadays, pretending to be a company, bought reviews, likes, subs and let’s go with the flow.

Please, do not fall for these scams. Overgear has already broken 6 Terms of Services when it comes to the content that they are offering. Being boosted ain’t forbidden of course, but when it comes to actually in-game currencies, Experiences…. well, let just hope they won’t hack on your account once you paid them.

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Buying in-game currency is forbidden and against the terms of services of all the games that they are promoting. From the money that’s been earned in WoW, till Escape from tarkov, and much more. overgear is not the place you want to do your deals with.

Keep in mind, don’t do these kinds of services. It’s against mostly all terms and rules of the game developers that the game it from. As they also promoted Aion, we have emailed a highly detailed ticket with everything we got against these scammers to take them down for good.


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