Paypal – Biggest slacking support since 2020

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Paypal, the one and only company where you can have your own digital wallet. You know, something like Wallie or Paysafecard. They recently closed their contact support when it comes to active callers to their call centers due to the corona outbreak.

As we can all fully understand that, is the contact critical when it comes to unauthorized sales or if you would have a complaint about someone or if something isn’t going as it should be going at their PayPal side. We are now officially trying to contact Paypal for the past 4 months. Odd, as their support section says that it can be “delayed” a little bit during the corona outbreak, but spending 4 months on a payment that’s still not solved.. meh :/

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I’m starting to get hate of PayPal when it comes to supporting. Their team is slacking and most of them are just at home doing nothing more than enjoying some free time from work as they closed it all. Their support is hard to get an answer from and when you call the phone number, you get a whole election on how i have to go to a website for reporting there the ongoing issues. What happened with phone support? What happened with the kind people and what the actually flying fudge happened to PayPal itself?


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