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Good morning folks. Noize here with today’s information about our policy. Today we will be updating our policy to stay ahead in time and to give everyone the game time they need. In order to do that, we have to know who you are as we would love to see everyone on the server, but not those hacking script kiddies. Something that’s been a pain for months nowadays as people have even found a way to bypass the bloody mouse ban.

Even the bypass doesn’t work all the time. its something to be worried about that if someone would come online on the servers that they could start hacking the living out of it. As we want to prevent this, we would like to ask you to open up your user profile and set it to the public. Only then you will be able to join our game servers. For our vanilla server, even the use of a VPN is not allowed. This to make sure that the system does it works properly and getting rid of the toxic and unwanted users.

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Everyone that already joined automatically accepts the new terms and agreement. In case you forgot it, check out our banned page for more information about the new TOS.


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