PrymFaya rust server

PrymFaya is an 100% vanilla server without any mods. A great server for beginning players that wants to startup slowly in the online world of rust without to much edits in the game but still be able to enjoy it. Are you a new player in the rust community? Then this is the best server to start with! 

4k map size

Are you ready to start your adventure? This perfect 4k mapsized map has everything that you will need to startup perfectly especially as a beginner of the game itself. Its time to see if you are a true survivor here on rust.

Create a clan

Create a clan with your friends and start going on adventure together! Scavange the lost oilrigs at sea or find yourself the way towards the lost military tunnels.

Build a base

Start up building a base and work on your defences. Make your lootpile grow and defend it from any raiders that’s coming over to steal it!

Noob friendly server

We all know that players of rust cannot be trusted, even not your neighbors. However, keep in mind that we play here on a noob friendly server.

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Admin support

Active admin support when something is wrong with the map or when someone is not following the rules on our server. We love rust like you do, but without the salt and beef.

REEE meme

REEEE, our rust community mascot meme when it comes to a patrol helicopter. You mostly will hear it coming or someone in the chat already have warned about the flying hostile.

Join the server today and start your adventure!

Well? why are you waiting for? Join today and start exploring the server and start your adventure today for victory!