PS5 system will only last for 5 years

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While the whole world is waiting patiently until the new PS is coming out, does there be more and more coming into the air when it comes to the upcoming specs for the new console The glistening white console with its blue lights is the next in a long list of gaming devices developed by Sony and is set to be one of the most powerful gaming consoles that would be coming on the market. It is so powerful, that after 5 years, you have to buy yourself a new ps5 in order to keep playing.

While the PS5 has a Built-in with an ultra-high-speed SSD, 3D audio, and the capacity to house stunning 8k resolution, is it really is an exciting time for online gaming when it comes to the console. Decent game sessions are something everyone likes and wants as usual.  The new upcoming PS5 is also wicked of its HDR technology, allowing for more vibrant colors, while you can also enjoy games in a ridiculous 120 frames per second.

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Sony is, however, working hard on reducing this more, as usual, proving a longer lifetime for a ps5, but presuming that it would take some time on that. The ps4 for example can go for a wicked 6-7 years while a ps3 could even reach 10+ years if you are careful with your PlayStation.


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