PvE map HOTFIX/WIPE – Missing prefabs

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Hello everyone! Today, we found something disturbing during the last Game update of FacePunch. Without notice, they removed several prefabs from the game such as small monuments like the gas station, supermarket and so on. The bad side, because these monuments went missing, gaps in the map could players be getting killed. This is something we want to fix straight away, as this is badly game-breaking and no one would like it to see their loot vanish because of a mapping issue.

We have removed all old prefabs and replaced them with the new once’s. We were hoping that we would be able to do a small strick so that the map would not be wiped, but once I saw the road being glitched out I had to fix this as well. This sadly doenst let me do the trick I had in mind by just renaming the save file, as landscaping was edited as well.

So, as of all this, I take the opportunity to quik fix some issues other players found before and we have added something new on the map.

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  • ADDED: Water treatment
  • FIXED: Road system
  • FIXED: Cave glitch
  • FIXED: Gas station
  • FIXED: mining outpost
  • FIXED: Supermarket
  • FIXED: Dome
  • FIXED: TrainYard
  • FIXED: 9 NPC spawners removed as they bugged out.

For those that went online after the wipe, there is a compensation pack that can be claimed. see /kit for more information about it.

We are sorry that this happened during a game session. Enjoy Rustorica PvE


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