PvE Server wipe date set => 20-2-2020

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 11, 2020

The PvE server is getting wiped on 20-2 this month. This means in 9 days, we will be performing a map update for our PvE server. This update includes fixes and will provide some more gameplay and new areas to be discovered. But, before that, we want to talk about these “wipes” that are happening on the PvE server. As last time, the smaller monuments such as gas stations were removed and replaced with the new versions as they disappeared from the game during the last update of face punch.

Besides that, we will be performing more updates on the PvE server to ensure gameplay that you can enjoy with your friends and clan members. Hereby a small list of things we have done so far!

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:tacnuke: – Fully removed the road system, replaced it with a ring road
:tacnuke: – Shorted up the massive “underground monument” for more building space in that arena.
:tacnuke: – Remapped the admin island ( screens are shown yesterday here in the channel )
:tacnuke: – Added a new spawn arena where the compound was located.
:tacnuke: – Added a new spawn arena on the admin island
:tacnuke: – Added a small area for the admin and moderators where players could visit for questions or a talk session.
:tacnuke: – Added more detailed prefabs and “nature disasters”
:tacnuke: – Added a Quarry meeting point
:tacnuke: – Added an area where the “dangerous Treasures” event will take place with more loot ( PvP interaction, buildings to hide/cover ).
:tacnuke: – Added Custom stores with new drop table ( clothing, meds, resources, T1 Weapons
:tacnuke: – The map had 25% of snow, now reduced to 10% snow area.
:tacnuke: – Added a Desert mine for stone, metal, and sulfur.
:tacnuke: – Removed Trainyard for another project
:tacnuke: – Removed 9 NPC spawn points due to NRE
:tacnuke: – Fixed no string issue with item ID 25987665 and ID 284986





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