PvP Wipe date set at 20-2-2020

 Breaking news!
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  • New weekly Updates!
  • Deadside server released
  • We are looking for volunteers!

The PvP will be wiped on the 20th of this month. Making room for the next monthly wipe cycle. As of the last wipe, we decided to run the game servers every 2 weeks and to keep you reminded on it, hereby this post.

As we are posting this alert for our PvP server, do we also want to share some plugin updates depending on this server. Keep in mind that these plugins shall always be seen as an “as-is” mod and that it can have some issues when the server would be updated. First of all, we have added a country block on our servers. All users with a Russian IP address are not welcome on the server anymore due to the massive DDOS last time as it came from Russia. It’s sad that we have to do this that it would affect all Russian players on our servers, but we hope to lift this when possible.

  • Dangerous Treasures is back! New BOTS to kill and more loot to earn!
  • Welcomerbot welcomes players, but not when they leave the server.
  • Inventory side is set to 2k for resources ONLY
  • Backpack for small extra space ( 3 rows )

Keep in mind that we will NOT wipe the Blueprints this wipe cycle.


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