Radsz – Fixed Duplication glitch, bomb trucks and more

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Good morning everyone. Today we have done the following to our game server Radsz. Recently, several plugin updates have been done and a new one has been added into the game. Keep in mind these upcoming changes as it might be important for you. For those playing on our server, we want to say thank you for joining this wipe session. We love to see so many people online and we love to see back some old faces.

Today in our patch is the following information.

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  • Fixed a duplication bug where you could eat, drink, and generate infinity REEsources. Yesterday, I was able to multiply my crude oil, ending up from having just 250 crude oil making it into a 10K ish within 5 min.
  • Fixed a possible bug issue where items randomly disappear from the ground after 10 seconds. ( play it safe, drop the items inside your base on the second floor so that if they drop through the floor, they end up one floor below you. )
  • Fixed a weird bug where the miner’s helmet would consume low grade while this should be prevented.
  • Fixed a weird bug where random items disappear from crude oil pumps and quarries.


Please keep in mind the following information.


  • There is a glitch where you can fall through the map. Please AVOID AC25 cave as it did not generate properly. Walking in that zone is at its own risk. No refunds of lost items
  • Some doors and puzzles are dead. Broken or not even working. Free loot for everyone but keep in mind, enter these puzzles at your own risk. No refunds of lost items.
  • AI can swim and shoot underwater. This is a plugin bug and is reported. AI in the waters should kill them.
  • Don’t drive too fast, generation of the map could be delayed a bit and that ends in a mass FPS drop and a possible crash on your client.
  • Don’t use fireworks inside the base and don’t set them on fire with a fire rocket. The server will start to freak out and fireworks as well for other things on the server might crash.


The bomb truck

The bomb truck is a new plugin that we have added this weekend. We will be using this truck for an upcoming random ingame event. Keep your eyes open in the chat. Who knows those kitty pirates are up to something.


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