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The gamingHQ rust servers are merged and moved towards our new server! Thanks to fragnet, we had the opportunity to do this now then tonight as there was a server ready to be taken. It takes them 35 min to backup everything and placed it on our new game server that’s twice as powerful then what we had before.

As the servers are now up and running again, we will continue rolling out everything as planned but it will take some time. For example, at this moment it’s not possible to claim the raid kit for the purge event tomorrow on our modded server. This sucks as we hoped that we would have it ready but a bug is ruining the party.

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That’s why we will be chucking in some extra events that can be worth your time when it comes to getting some Resources quickly. Sadly, the admin base that was going to be into a fight didn’t survive, sadly this base did not make it till the wipe. I miscalculated the upkeep with that.

Once the purge has started, we will keep the server running till the day after the purge, where we will be loading in the new upcoming map. Keep in mind, during the time that we will be uploading the custom map, the server will be unreachable until we will be fully done.


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