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Today, we have been testing and updating our map and made a few fixes and removed some overused prefabs. As we are happy to announce that the map is finished, doesn’t mean it would be instantly playable. We will be updating the server once the update is out of FacePunch, after that it would be just a matter of time to set everything up.

As mentioned, we have made a few changes to our map. These changes are based on our Community managers their suggestions and thoughts.

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What have we fixed in this version?

  • Red door puzzle room at train yard has been updated, AI spawns are improved and has a few quicker respawn time.
  • Removed the new metal bridge prefabs and rerolled it back to its original state of our last bridges.
  • Added a “road” with “bridge” towards the Admin island, or better known as the “black market” and where the “endgame” will take place before the wipe.
  • Fixed signs being generated in the middle of the road
  • Fixed car spawns that spawned in the middle of a forest
  • Reduced the tree spawns in the center of the map, making it a bit more breathable for possible FPS drops.
  • Made the train track a bit more accurate, added some missing prefabs
  • Several “road stops” as also seen on DayZ or Deadside with possible AI. These locations are limited but will increase over time if the user would like the idea or not.
  • The launch site has a hidden secret where its crowed with AI and zeds. Prepare for the worst!

 Things I’m not able to get fixed in a short time

  • The water inside the sewer system at P15 to indicate a broken flooded sewer system is not working as intended. There is no water to be found.


Once the servers are updated and wiped, we will let everyone know about this on our discord channel. We hope you will enjoy this wicked adventure!


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