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What an outcome people. Seeing several players online is always awesome, but for a solid 5H having 8 players playing is a lot in my opinion. We want to thank everyone who spread the word about our released map and we are really happy to welcome you towards our map. We have been working on it for a long time, and still, besides some minor issues, everyone is having a blast.

There has been even a murder already! Bathwater got brutally murdered by the admin as he takes a shot against the number one GiveMeYourLoot. We all know that the server is PvP, but we all know the reason and we all know why he is sleeping with the fishies.

While the world is silenced as everyone else is sleeping now. Do we have already done some new updates!

Plugin fixes

  • Carparts now stack up to 20. This means for low, medium, and high tiered car parts.
  • Nerfed HP of Pirates with the DT event.
  • Potential FlyHack EAC trigger kick fix when on a gyrocopter.

Things to be aware of

As always, with a custom map, comes drama. Bugs are coming around the corner sometimes like its nothing more than the wind of the south. It is annoying, as people are hyped about certain parts of the map but it’s not working as it’s broken somehow. We have made a small list of ongoing issues on the map. Make sure that, if you find something and it is not listed yet, that you should let us know about it.

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Because, if people were smart and had let me know that the puzzles were broken instead of keeping it for themselves, then we would be able to fix it. Now, we cant as the map is already in use now.

  • MapMark – AC25 – Avoid the Cave zone.
  • MapMark – O17 – Rocks on the road
  • Mostly all puzzles that needed a keycard is broken. There might be a possibility you can get stuck while doing a puzzle. Please do them at your own risk. 
  • Starter zone vending does not sell the content it needed to sell. ( wrong loot table )
  • Lift hills are not working as they changed the system. Sadly, there won’t be working lift hills for now.
  • The chat system does not work fully. Will be looking into this.

A Big oooof – Avoid The speed of light

Are you addicted to driving around like a madman? Well, watch out if you are going to take some self-made ramps as you could end up under the ground. This is a big issue, as we have been able to do this more often and staying alive by glitching ourselves in rocks or other buildings. Please avoid fast driving.

The custom map

Today we had a message from a user if he could get the password for our map as he wanted to use the map for his Community. Someone stated that people could grab my map for free. Well, this is not the case. No one is allowed to use my map without my permission. If you do want to use the map, please contact us through our email.




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