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There is a dark shadow lurking across the world of radsz. A storm is coming closer and the wind has raised. Today, we will announce the next upcoming release of the map: Black Forest. We are pleased with the number of members playing on it, especially now it’s getting harder to obtain members and kept them playing here as of the world’s leading disaster of COVID 19. But, before we will be going to talk about the next upcoming update, if you haven’t been on our discord yet, my suggestion is to click that wicked button on our menu and join it today! Together, we can make a difference.


The upcoming update will bring a lot of changes with him but also a few rule changes. This is to reduce the base building a bit, providing a bit less lagfest then what we have right now. I mean, there are some nifty huge buildings that people have been building but no one will be ever having the idea to raid them as it would be impossible to obtain such large amounts of explosives to do the trick.

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The new upcoming changes will also give new players a fair chance to play the game and obtain a neat base without the fear of being a minority as everyone else would be running along in a team or clan. We hope that everyone will like them, the same as what we have done with the map. As on request, we lowered a lot of mountains with over 60% and deleted over 25K entities!

What have we done on the map?

  • Deleted the Cartunnel system including all puzzles in that section as they weren’t working the right way or it was abusable.
  • Removed the center huge monument and its underground facility.
  • Removed train track and replaced it with a roadway for cars
  • Rebuild of the right under the section of the map including a new FFA starters zone, 2 new custom monuments to discover.
  • Added several mine shafts with actual mine shaft related loot drop tables and several nodes.
  • Removed the admin base.
  • Removed the old platform from the water and replaced this with a new platform where it can be used to build a base on top of it.
  • Revamped the Launch site, removed snow biodome.
  • Revamped the airfield, removed the snow biodome
  • Several mapping fixes including the death gaps
  • Added more landscaping for players to build on.
  • Removed a few unneeded objects
  • Lowered the number of rocks on certain spots where a FPS drop could happen.
  • Lowered the amount of spawned trees on some locations to improve FPS.


Community Server Rules & plugins changes

  • Max 3 users in a single team/clan + 1 max alliance
  • Max 3 Tool cupboards for a max of 3 bases a person.
  • No team hopping, If you are in a team, you stay in the team.
  • Forced PvP on monuments. Everyone has the right to protect their loot or try to steal it from you.
  • Allowed to place bounty’s on people their heads if they would be a troll or if they have done some naughty things like raiding you or stealing from you.
  • Timed events – More possible patrol helicopters after more than 5 members are online
  • Timed events – More chinook drops after more than 10 members online.
  • Dangerous Treasures will be spawning on a new custom location. Check out the new event islands!


Other fixed things

  • We have removed the paratrooper’s plugin. We will not add this back until a proper fix is been made to avoid server freezes and rollbacks. Special thanks to umod for providing fake modders to add updates to other people their plugins.
  • We have removed a wooden bridge as we had an email about a crying 12 year old from the umod community saying it was his work. Quite funny that his work is free to download on several other websites. But, to prevent his childish behavior on my game servers, we removed him and the bridge. In the meanwhile, we found out that he wasn’t the rightful owner, but we won’t add it back anyway as I’m done, sick and tired of people cringing of the tiniest things on umod and rust edit.


New monuments

  • We added a new large starters zone. We have readded our old starter zone from the mantonia map series back into the game.
  • The collapsed tunnels – A red keycard is needed. 1 Way in, 2 ways out. Loaded with tier 2 and tier 3 loot and AI.
  • The haunted cave – A small minor cave with a few small tier 1 loot and tier 2 AI.
  • Mineshaft tunnel 1 – Located under the Launch site.
  • Mineshaft tunnel 2 – Located on the junkyard island.

Coming next week

This and more is coming next week! Make sure you keep an eye on our discord on when the next update will be live!


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