Realism, HUD overhaul and more – A mass Idea for the game rust

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While the forum of FacePunch for the game rust on is being covered with toxicity, limitations, and so on, I wrote my idea here. This idea is based on the last few commits that have been placed. As recently, we have the ability to destroy roadsigns for well. roadsigns and a pipe. As it all looks promising, it does remind me of a mod elsewhere.

The idea comes from another game that I have been playing a while ago and it should be a perfect fit here on rust. I mean, realism to the max for rust. If we can destroy roadsigns, why can’t we do more?

I think, that once users will have a wider option of getting their loot, that there would be more interactions with players as well. Something every server owner would love to see back. What would you see in this? Would you like it? or would you say just leave it?

idea’s for the realism suggestion.

  • Possible DMG when using rockets, c4 or other explosives
  • A fire that could cause plants to die, trees to fall down just as with the Bradley and helicopter if they spray you with rockets.
  • When you drive your car against it, it can fall down. But nothing happens when a c4 would be placed on a tree.
  • Stone ore, metal ore, and sulfur ore can be destroyed by cars, explosives, and other weird events that could dmg them, providing a less amount of REEsources.
  • Break up the cars in pieces, providing some gears for example or wheels for your car ( as seen in dayz )
  • Gather through the trash, the ability to place a working loot crate based on a bin/trashcan is active.
  • Search through the pile for leftover parts
  • When you would craft an electrical turret, for example, make sure that you use the right proper resources for it. just a camera, a laptop, some tech trash, and hqm metal won’t work. Where is the laser sight? where are the gears that you need to make it move and operational?

** Custom prefabs/texture porting support **

Hello everyone.

As I may speak for other modders in the community, I presume that they would agree on this. We would love to have a way to create custom prefabs, porting prefabs, models and its texture’s. Save it and using it in our mappings and mods.

Imagine what rust could become if modders and mappers have a much wider option in creating their own maps. I have seen so much work now that is so outstanding, but a hell of a job due to the limits of resources we have.


When you making something bigger, it gets pix-elated. Having a dynamic texture that keeps their texture’s nice while making the wall bigger for example. So, when you would make it higher, you not only grab the prefab, but also its texture from the top.


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**Model work/porting**

When we see those lovely zombie……mine-craft thingies? Or other NPC like the beloved Blue Man group or Those Green Peace fellas.. What if you could alter their looks instead of just letting us stick with the basic ones.

Some modders would love to have this opportunity to create their NPC more the way they like to have for their maps instead of just giving them something else to wear.

However, model working goes further than just altering NPC. If someone would love to create or port an item that would function the same as uhmm. let us give it a Treasure Chest prefab for the Dangerous Treasure’s event plug-in on umod for example, then they can do it.

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Fans could recreate their own landscapes depending on the games they played in the past. Giving it for every player a complete new Rust experience.

Some game developers are not shabby when it comes on their game items to be ported. For example, in the game DayZ, modder FIDO has the rights from the game producers “S.T.A.L.K.E.R” to use their zombies in dayz for a more horror experience.

Having this possible… oboii, people can go far. From altering the Chinook into a Bell Boeing V-22 for example… oef, I wonder how that would be when it comes over your base flying. ( Would be a perfect fit for the oil rig Heavy NPC event as the Chinook driver is just drunk. Never drink Cobalt beer before work. )

** Prefab Porting **

It’s basically the same suggested above. For me, I have some awesome prefabs I used in the past on another unity game engine and I would love to use these prefabs on rust as well. Porting items would give the opportunity for a way much wider option of rust servers, giving it their own way of house style gaming.

PvE servers and roleplay servers would love such an option in particular, as it would give them the option to place more objects in their base that’s been build by mappers and modders.

** Wider server settings **

  • The option to set a password on your server. Some server owners would like to limit their server access to out standers to have a more fun playtime for PvP gameplay for example or a server that would have more house rules such as an event for example.
  • Joining the server if you join the discord. You want to keep your server save of unwanted guests, let them join the discord as an “access pass”
  • Day and night time cycle. Who knows some servers would rather like to have it day 24/7 or night 27/7. Longer night time or who knows real server time cycle.
  • Map Generation with the option to check and uncheck certain monuments to be included or not. Who knows people rather stay on land instead of using the oilrig or won’t like to have big monuments on a large map for wider gameplay.
  • Search on “continent” and let server owners check and uncheck where to be found and where not. Some servers like it to be found only inside the EU or NA for example.
  • The option to check and uncheck Spawns for Gyrocopter, horses, scrap transport, Balloons, Rowboats and RHIB ( Cargo ship excluded ofc )
  • The option to level and balance the ResourceDispencers. I mean hereby with More trees spawning and fewer nodes or fewer trees and more nodes or limiting certain nodes to be spawned more rarely than other nodes.
  • The option to Disable Tree spawns and node spawns for server owners with their own mappings to have it more controlled by them.
  • Old school XP vanilla, let those fellas get their XP bar back. Some of them loved it in the past. I think it would be possible to get it back working on the new rust? Or well.. the modders did already but I presume its possible. It could be great for long end server wipes as well for PvE purposes.
  • The option to check and uncheck a mini-map option on the right top corner of your screen. The other players, NPC and resources are indicated on it. Where to find proper wood, stone, or food for example but also where danger may appear. NPC indicators, Player indicators with POV sight for the server owners willing to have such an option in the game.


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** HUD options and GUI overhaul **

As we all know the beloved overlay when pressing Tab, for example, it could be more. The same as with the HUD in-game overlay itself, it could have its refreshments.

For example, we have as standard on our right corner our health, hunger, and thirst. Recently, we have seen this new HUD when sitting on a gyro for example, and let’s not forget those stats I asked before. Thank you for that! Much appreciated! but would it be awesome to also have other bars and indicators? For example..

  • Day/nighttime cycle bar (a bit like in the game: “Legend of Zelda – The wind waker” when exploring the seas in your red lion boat, you see its cycle. You can limit it to have it only working by finding… a small AA battery. )
  • Radiation bar
  • Alert of being Exposed to NPC, Bradley, or Patrol helicopter. ( yet again, only works if you have some kind of device for it with a single AA battery )

I, however, think that the GUI overlay when pressing the tab could have way more options. Like.. Really a lot. For now, we have some stuff but it could be extended with way more detailed information. How much Hit-points you have total, Max health increase, Defense Increase and Decrease.. great.. but it can be more.

  • Server information.
  • House rules.
  • Account status, High-scores, total scores,
  • A discord link and a website link.
  • 2 Extra Tabs for Admins to own use For and limited only to informational purposes.
  • An image slider of Server owners their “events” or “Community news” with link forwarding to website or discord
  • In-game time
  • If there is an event ongoing or not

These settings can be set by the admin on an in-game admin tool that can be accessed from in-game only. Therefore, providing for the admin tool would also become in handy for other subjects like banning players that are online at the moment or muting them if someone would be naughty.

The best part, an API makes it possible for modders to use its overlay for admin commands or use the same overlay for other mods that they created. It would help out a lot. The same design as what you guys created with the “recording tools” would be perfect for this. Simple, but effective.





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