Ringroads, turret 2.0 and farming simulator Rust edition

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 2, 2020

This month, we are getting some nifty updates. To keep everyone updated, please read this article about the upcoming updates as they are important for everyone that’s playing on rust servers such as ours for example. The community of FacePunch provided everyone with some new nifty upcoming updates. Aw yes!

These updates will be coming next week and will be applied worldwide on all game servers. Keep in mind that some updates might not be applied on the PvE server yet, as the map is mapped and not generated. We will update the map if needed, but it will take some time.

Ring roads

“They see me rolling, they hating..” Ring roads are coming to the game. Ring roads are a new way where you find all the monuments as they are all connected to each other. Great for those nifty sedan cars that ALSO might be coming next week! So, gear up and start your engine’s. Besides that, there is no option anymore to build on roads as well for placeable objects.

Leaked information suggested that Gas stations will be revamped for the use of modular cars, not sure if this would be a real thing in the future, but it would be logical with the lift that we have seen last year on the Shadowfraxx its youtube channel.

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Turret 2.0

The turret 2.0 is out now and will be coming next week on the main branch. Instead of using an AK, you can use any gun you like. From a bolty to a slick rocket launcher. WICKED! They even lowered the amount of HQM needed for this turret so we can see it as a win-win. i wonder… how would it be with an M249.. hehe.. gigity.

Large Oil Refinery

Recently, during my mapping for the PvE server, i came across a prefab I haven’t seen before. A large oil refinery. It’s looking huge but its something we surely will see back. This might be trough the generated maps just like the quarries and pumpjacks for crude oil. Not sure if it would be coming next week, but its something worth knowing.

Farming like a baws

Farming is being revamped and shall enter the game next week high likely. Time to get those plumping skills updated as you might have to install some nifty sprinkling systems, water pressure and more. If Electra wasn’t already hard before, then this would be the cherry on the pie.


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