Rust admin base – The idea behind it

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | November 6, 2018

The rust admin base is once again located on the map. This time, you will be able to find me way faster than normal. I’m located nearby the stone quarry. However, people would like to know why i have everything on its max while others need to start with nothing.

As everyone knows, you need certain items in your base that can rarely be found in-game. Think of the wooden ladder for example, ladder hatch, armored doors and more. From my location, you can buy these items. However, it will cost ya something. All prices will be shown in-game.

The admin base is also for new players that have questions about the game. They can call in an admin or moderator, but when being nearby the admin house, feel free to visit me.

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Be aware tho, I have turrets placed on the roof that shoots on hostile or people with a gun/hand weapon. So be sure you don’t have a gun or even a pickaxe because otherwise, you will be shot on sight and damn, those things can react from far.

The last  2 days, you will be able to raid the admin for the ultimate loot. Team up and stand together side by side to raid the admin.


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