Rust console – no seed map generation?!?!

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As it seems on how it is going, does it for the console version of rust won’t be running with seeded maps. A recent commit feed shows the procedural maps have been removed due to a subval warning on the game version for Xbox One. Giving the users only the possibilities to play on game servers hosted straight from the game servers of Facepunch itself. Would it mean that we are not able to host game servers for the Xbox or PlayStation or would it be possible with only the limitations of using maps that are from the game itself?

It’s everyone their guess when it comes to the upcoming updates of FacePunch. They have been busy for a long time on certain aspects of the game as well for new content every month. There is new graphical overhaul incoming called HDRP, a completely new base building system, and even ramps for the modular car’s system that’s coming within now and less than 2 months.

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With their idiotic idea of adding a mobile app to the game, does it comes a bit more clear for me. Presuming you have a base on your rust game on the PlayStation 4, it would be awesome to be aware when you would be raided. This plugin however also works on the desktop version and is actually already working with a decent closed beta. Youtuber flak has tested it out. Check it out here.

But, what would you like? Are you up for some Rust trough the console or would you rather stay on steam? Well, one thing is for sure. Crossplay won’t be a thing.


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