Rust – Farming update, time to grow some blue berries?

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A few months ago, they introduced potato’s as a new option to be found in the game and grown again with the seeds that are remaining. Well, let us say if you like to drink some nifty tea during your trips, well then you are in luck! FacePunch introduced recently uses a new nifty table that soon can be crafted and placed in your base like any other ordinary item that you can place in your base.

But, that’s not it. We have the ability to mix some nifty tea with a few ingredients that you can farm or loot from the wild nature. Blueberries, Redberries, White, and green.. you could even start your own wine farm with all those berries.

This nifty table however comes with a major amount of options to choose and create. What they all would do is still a riddle, but we presume that these would be small little buffs when it comes on lower chance on radiation poison or who knows you would be able to handle the cold water more often, able to find some more scrap or able to gather more certain REEsources.

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While the commits feed is still fully ongoing with changes, we can say that the highest 2 top tiers have been removed from the table to be crafted. Why we don’t know, but we presume it would be for a reason that it’s been removed. Think of overpowered defenses that cant is nerfed because otherwise the other tea’s have to be nerfed as well or it cant be nerfed at all as it should not give to much power in your stomach when you had consumed the tea.

Once we know more about this hot topic, we will be back to let you know about it!


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