Rust game play enchanted – No lag?!

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Are you reading this correctly is probably the first thing that’s coming in your mind? Is this a sick joke and is FacePunch pulling us a tail? Well, it is not my friends. Today, GamingHQ has been playing Rust all day long and we did not have any kind fo weird lag spike. In fact, the graphics of the game are even improved while everything is running smoothly. With a 60 FPS solid, I can agree that they have released a huge update without many bugs and issues.

As we have been playing today, we came across a few of those nifty new cars that have recently been added during this update. This update brings back a lot of awesomeness in the game, but everyone is missing that mini copter.

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We have added the “where is my horse” plugin towards the modded server, using /horse will provide you with a free horse. Keep in mind, there is a cooldown of 60 min before you are able to spawn a new one.

For the rest, we have finished up with almost all plugins. There is still one plugin that needs to be updated, after that everything will be settled once again to make the information we have on the server up to date and yes, for those wondering, you can add your Rust+ companion app to the server as well. We are against it, but some of you rather love to have this for PvE purposes, so why not.


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