Rust hotfix – Middle of the night

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Good morning everyone, Noize here with the latest information depending on the game rust. Last night, a hotfix was introduced to fix completely nothing. A Hotfix was released at 2.00 in the middle of the night, I was happy that we could update the servers as I wasn’t in dreamland yet.

This “hotfix” was intended to “fix” some content related to the summer DLC as well for the introduction of the Summer DLC itself, you don’t patch something like this in the middle of the night. I really wonder who the noob is and who is going to get fired at FacePunch. I mean, I can understand things have to be patched, but just not in the middle of the night when most users are in sleep mode.

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anyways, this upcoming DLC is coming sooner then you might think! Keep an eye out on the steam store and who knows you will see the first glimpse of the new upcoming DLC where everything is pure cosmetic related and not pay2win.

What’s coming in this DLC package?

  • Water weapons – Confirmed
  • Water balloons – Not confirmed
  • Beach chair – Confirmed
  • Beach ball – Confirmed
  • Beach table – Confirmed
  • Sunglasses – Highly possible but yet to be confirmed


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