Rust: Mixing table and Tea with a cookie – Guide

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Hello, there HQ survivors, Noize here with today’s blog about the upcoming update of rust. This time, I’m going to talk about the next upcoming update where we will be introduced towards the new mixing table and tea that allows you to get a certain buff for a small period of time.

Anyway, the table costs 200 metal fragments and 100 stones, it has a whopping 500 health and it costs a neat 500 scraps to research, or can be bought from the bandits for a cheap 175, and requires a level 1 workbench to craft. This mixing table can be used to make.. TEA! The teas you make with the mixing table requires berries.


Berries can be found in the wild, but can also be grown inside your base in the plant boxes. These plants can be gathered the way you used to be gathering the other pickupable items such as pumpkins for example. There are a few kinds of berries.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black
  • White

While you are able to eat the berries, it only does give you 5 food and 2 water a berry each, so you would have to eat your tummy with lots of berries in order to heal yourself a bit… but when you would be adding the berries to the mixing table, a whole new world goes open.

The mixing table

You’ll notice that there are 5 inventory slots in the mixing table and to make a tea with it you have to fill these up with specific berry combinations. If you would mistake the combination you need to make tea, it won’t do a thing and the berries that you have added to the table won’t be consumed.

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There are in total of 7 combinations that you can choose from in order to make decent tea. each one makes a tea which grants a specific buff for 5 minutes a pop, you can make 20 at a time (because that’s the berry stack limit) and they are as follow.

  • Red, red, red, yellow, yellow makes max health tea, which increases your max health.
  • Red in every slot makes healing tea and this restores your health over time.
  • Yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, blue, no yellow! makes ore tea which increases the amount of ore yield when mining.
  • Red, blue, red, blue, red makes wood tea allowing you to get more wood than normal.
  • Yellow, white, yellow, white, yellow resulting in scrap tea that grants increased scrap yield.
  • Red, red, red, green, green is rad removal tea for when you’ve taken a dose of radiation.
  • Red, red, green, green, green makes rad resistance tea.

Now each of these teas grants a certain strength of buff, but please keep in mind that this still can change as it’s still being developed and tested. For example, we have already confirmed that the 2 top tiers of tea and blackberries are being disabled.

Need thicker buffs?

if you were to take 5 of a certain type of tea, say scrap tea, and combine these in the bench, you’ll refine them into the next tier up on the tea scale. So if normal scrap tea gives you a +10% yield, then the next tier up, ‘advanced’, will give you +30%. Then you can repeat the process with advanced teas to produce a pure tea which in this case would up your scrap yield to +50%.

You can have multiple buffs active at once. Wonder what more kinds of tea would be coming next.

Please note: This guide can now also found back on our guides section in case you forgot something.


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