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Team support and most asked questions

Before contacting, make sure you know that

  • Banned accounts will never been lifted, expect if there is a good reason for it.
  • Be clear about the issue, make a screenshot or having a video is a great addon.
  • Keep it short, we love to helpout so be honist and fair. Dont make whole stories.
  • We dont respond on ”help, i’m raided” or ”can you spawn in this for me?”
  • No admin harrasment, they have their work to do as well.

Most asked common questions

When is wipe?

Wipe is on Every first tuesday of the month. This always included with BP’s

I cant find stone ):

Stone can be easy found nearby mountains and edges of the sea.

Where are all the animals?

Animals can mostly found at creeks, monuments and wide open fields.

How can i use the electra on rust?

How can i add someone to the team?

Firstly, create your team. After that, you pinpoint your curser towards the player and hold E. A sound is played and that means you invited the player. That player needs to click on on the tabbed screen on the left side to accept just as when you create a team.

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Rust Moderator Team

The head of the servers, developer of the map mantonia. Any bugs and glitches can be reported towards me. i’m active on all servers across GamingHQ network.

Rust Moderator Team

A moderator of the skaikru server and prymfaya. You can ask him anything related to rust.

Rust Moderator Team

A moderator of the prymfaya server. You can ask him anything related to rust.