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Good day everyone, noize here with today’s information on our upcoming map Radsz. Before we are going into this, I want to say personal thanks to everyone that’s been helping out, playing on our servers, and keeping the community alive. We are spending most likely the full day every single day to give you awesome game content the legit way without too many questions. We rather like to talk about the core than a random news topic.

The community is happy to announce the upcoming changes for the Rustorica PvE server. These changes that are about to happen will bring your complete gameplay upside down. A fully new experience is waiting for you. We have doctored out an awesome way to give you a completely new experience when it comes to rust. Today, we will talk about it.

We have been working on the environment mostly, added a huge amount of places to scavage, explore, and find while playing the game. This time, however, we are going completely nuts.

Limited loot

We are going to fully limit the loot that you are able to find in the game. All tier 2 and tier 3 weapons will be removed from the loot tables, the same as for explosives and other tiers 2 and tier 3 items. During gameplay, you will eventually find them, getting them by rewards or by unlocking their BP’s. You most likely won’t find thick crates on the map anymore.

Fully PvE

The server will become Full PvE. Meaning that no one else is able to kill you than yourself or the aggressive world of Radsz. No one is able to raid your base, but the usage of Traps on your base is still allowed and other players might die from it!

NPC is walking everywhere

The nasty cobalt squad might have left their islands to despair, their soldiers are being increased mentally. Tanks are being dropped from the sky, sweeping out everyone who tries to avoid being captured. It might get ugly!

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2 Save zones & starter zones

These 2 awesome locations will be the main key to your starting journey. When you die, without a bag, you will spawn on one of these locations. Of one the locations are actually located inside a  prison!

The city of Radsz

The main city of radsz itself is a 1k map sized monument. A city with leftover shops that are still working. But, AI and Bradleys are patrolling the zone so prepare to get some heat to be blown off.

3 huge underground monuments

There are 3 huge underground monuments located on the map. These locations are pitch dark but will have some nifty loot inside of it. Prepare to visit the dark side of the game with those awesome googles you have and gear up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Custom monuments

With mapping comes… Custom monuments! We have over 10 kinds of designs in the game from the mappers of the community from rustedit. Once the map will be released, we will be adding those nifty names here on our website. We, however, will NOT link their names to their social pages/stores as we still want to be neutral on this part of “modding” where sold prefabs of FacePunch is against their TOS. We have also added only the ones that were as a free download being offered.

Besides that, we did some work for ourselves as well. We have added some of our older designs from other maps into this map and we have added a few new once’s. We even implanted our own BuildingBuildPlus program, with encounters over 50+ premade prefabs to be used for Buildings to be build that can be used for monuments or as decoration. ( note: we are not talking about Copy paste program )

NEW – Radiated zone

The radiated zone.. well, the name itself would say enough. Due to the major meltdown, a part of the map has been fully radiated. You can enter it, but the use of water or protected gear is a must-have.


Raw Data – Screenshots


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