[Rust PvE] Removing “purge” from server

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 4, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. A late news topic tonight depending on the PvE server of Rustorica. Recently, we have seen a downturn when it comes to the “purge”. As it was requested many times and I even had several suggestions of it in the inbox, it came to a surprise that no one showed up on the admin base raid event and that during the purge only 5 members that have actually logged in and 4 of them are newcomers.

As because of that, I’m lifting the “purge” sessions as of next wipe. We will not perform any “purge” or “admin raid event” as it seems that no one is interested in it. If there would be interest in it again, we could see what we can do for it.

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In other news, we have finished up the next upcoming map for our rust PvE server. We hope that you will enjoy it! We have however not yet added a complete train track as this map will only be used once. This is due to the upcoming changes in the road network and adding a “ring road” would request a lot more of work. besides, I would rather love to see it first in action on our PvP server before I even think about adding it. Who knows it’s not working as I had in mind and it would make the map ugly?



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