Rust server towards discord chat broken & plugins not working

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The rust cord plugin is broken for over a month and there is still no conclusion why we aren’t able to talk anymore ingame towards the community members and backward towards discord. The reason is due to the latest update of unity, something that might break or has been misplaced causes this issue.  Once we know more, we will be letting you know about this issue. However, you can still see if anyone starts to raid you as your name will still be shown including when it comes to turrets or shotgun traps from other players.

Some other plugins are not working anymore as it should be working. For some reason, the quests plugin shows an error while better chat itself also have their issues. As we are waiting for these fixes, the issues itself doenst affect the gameplay itself. We have removed auto auth on turrets as well for the turrets as it didn’t work anymore and was finally listed in the unmaintained section of umod.

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Dangerous treasures, however, it recently got updated and even for that, a new update is coming this month that allows us to remove those nasty aim botters and replace them with actual bots that we have placed across the areas on the kirikru server.


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